Structure of our company
We are a consultation and planning office with the fields of technical building competence as well as fire protection matters. Our performance comprises all technical solutions in the complete field of technology from consultation, assessment, planning and invitation to tender up to site supervision of all dimensions of industrial-, business- and gastronomy objects.

main emphasis of our company
Our office is oriented of the assessment and realization of all technical plants of the buildings.
We consult, plan and realize complicate plants from the draft up to the finalization as well as assistance and consultation by the use of the Technical plants.

For a comprehensive project work our office is equipped with PC and CAD workplaces as well as a fast internet access. For realization of specialized project related works we are in contact with partner offices like architects, interior designer, fire protection, structural companies etc.

Our philosophy
It is very important for us that we offer a complete implementation of the objects to our customers Furthermore it is also necessary to give them detailed information of the possibilities to create a most reasonable plan, to find the best possible operation of the equipment and to advise the customers about the entrepreneurial important conditions.

Final word
We hope you have received an overview of our industrial field. Of course we can give you detailed information of the individual Objects. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards Planungsbüro BASLER Energietechnik